Don't be stupid, make some pins
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You’ve got Q’s and we’ve got A’s

How long will it take to get my pin?
Once your order is placed, one of our production artists will send you a pre production sheet with your pin art and it’s specs for you to approve. This will include your pin size, art colors, metal finishes, clutch type and any other details that are necessary for your pin  Once you approve the art it goes into production. Production typically takes up to 4 weeks.

Please keep in mind that with most of our production taking place in China, holidays like  Chinese New Year and Autumn Fest can affect production time 

Where are you guys?
We are based out of Chicago IL, USA.
Yes, of course we know Ferris Bueller. He works in our shipping department. See what happens when you skip school. Study up kids.

Where do you make your fine, small batch, vegan, free range, artisanal pins?
We make our small batch, vegan, free range, artisanal pins the same place most small batch, vegan, free range, artisanal things are made…. in China. With that said we have taken steps to make sure our partners in China work in well ventilated factories who are sweatshop free.

Do you provide design services?
So you have a pin idea, but just don’t know how to make the design. Well let our international award winning artist do all the hard work for you. Design services start at $95 USD

Where do babies come from?
I have no idea, I was hoping you could tell me.

Pins are cool, what else can you do for me?
Soon we will be offering custom die cut stickers and the custom patches. Need anything else, just e mail us. If we can’t do something, we can point you into the direction of someone who can.

Are there any art restrictions?
Yes, but only a couple. 1. Evercolory needs a container line around it. This prevents the colors from mixing before the enamel has properly cured. Think of it like a stained glass window, or a coloring book. 2.This has to do with sizing. When it comes to lettering the smallest font size is  helvetica 4pt, keep in mind we can do any font  helvetica 4pt is just for size comparison. Pay special attention to specialty fonts. Extra fine lines at some fonts can be a little tricky. Please allow about 0.3mm for a container  line. Enamel starts life as a liquid, and it is hand syringed onto the pin. There needs to be at least 0.45mm between every line. We know it’s a small space, but still achievable. After that there are not any other restrictions for the most part so, Do what thou wilt.